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Project name: 
Creation of a support system for hydrographical works on the Danube meant to assure minimum navigation depths
Project acronym: 

EU-ERDF Grants - 85%
Financing from State Budget - 15%
Total project budget: 1.106.080 Euro

The project is submitted for funding approval within the Operational Program "Transports" (POS-T) 2007-2013, Priority Axis 3, Key Area of Intervention 2 - Improvement of Traffic Safety on all transport modes.


Overall Objective of the project is to improve the safety of navigation of the Danube, in compliance with the European Directives and the Danube Commission's recommendations, taking into account the anticipated increase of cargo and passenger traffic during the next 10-15 years.

Specific Objective: setting in place a network of geodesic landmarks in support of the topo-hydrographical works on the Danube, for the monitoring of the minimum navigation depths and the improvement of fairway maintenance activities (floating and costal signalling, topo-hydrographic surveys, dredging).

Aim of the project: to create a network of geodesic landmarks along the Romanian Danube sector, the Danube-Black Sea Canal and Poarta Alba - Midia - Navodari Canal, network to be used for the river bed dynamics monitoring and meant to provide exact data for the realisation of accurate ENCs.

The support geodesic landmarks network to be realised along the Danube must fulfil the following conditions:

  • to be the same standards as the National Geodesic Network;
  • to be adopted by the National Geodesic Triangulation Network;
  • to be adopted by the National Network of GPS points;
  • to be adopted by the National Network of High Precision Levelling.

Each landmark shall have coordinates in the following projection systems:

  • national system STEREO` 70, ellipsoid Krassovski and reference system Black Sea-Constanta 1975 and Black Sea-Sulina.
  • UTM projection, ellipsoid WGS 84 and (ellipsoidal) geographic coordinates and also in the projection system of neighbouring countries (Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine - for comparison and data exchange).

They shall also have coordinates in the ETRS 89 (European Terrestrial Reference System 1989) - ellipsoid GRS 80 (practically identical with WGS 84) [It is a standard reference system for the European countries - proposed by EUREF and EuroGeographics]. The coordinates in ETRS 89 system shall be obtained by connection to the National Geodesic Network (GPS) - Class A or/and Class B (from North of Danube area).

The aim of the project is to contribute to the improvement of the navigation safety on the Danube, in compliance with the recommendations of the Danube Commission in Budapest and with the envisaged increase of merchandise and passenger traffic during the next 10-15 years.

Geographical coverage: 
The project covers 12 counties bordering the Danube in Romania as well as Constanta County and the Danube Delta.

The project is to be implemented over a period of 2 years.


The project activities are structured in six stages, the first stage being dedicated to procurements procedures, while the other five stages are as follows:

  • Stage 0 (abt. 2 months): Procurement procedure for works supervision, procurement procedure for project works execution, organization of the call for tenders: procurement documents preparation, procurement operations, finalising of procurement procedures
  • Stage 1 (abt. 2 months): Signing of works supervision and works execution. Land preparation and landmark positioning in the field.
  • Stage 2 (abt. 2 months): Digging holes for each of the 3 landmarks at each location.
  • Stage 3 (abt. 3 months): Realization of prefabs - concrete base plates, landmarks, bolts.
  • Stage 4 (abt. 4 months): Transport of prefabs by water or land, depending on the access on site, mounting of landmarks and casting of concrete protection plates.
  • Stage 5 (abt. 2 months): Final verification of the positioning of the landmarks in the field.

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AFDJ role: 
As Beneficiary of the project AFDJ-RA Galati shall provide the technical, administrative and financial management of the project through the Implementation Unit.

The results of this project shall benefit also to the following entities:

  • Users of navigable ways from Romania and other countries.
  • The Administration of River Danube Harbours, Giurgiu "APDF Giurgiu".
  • The Administration of Maritime Danube Harbours, Galati "APDM Galati"
  • The Administration of Navigable Canals, Constanta "ACN Constanta"
  • National Agency of Cadastre and Real Estate Publicity "ANCPI"
  • National Administration "Romanian Waters"-"Apele Romane"
  • National Forests Administration "ROMSILVA"

The project contributes to the improvement of the transport network of the EU Member States.

The River Administration of The Lower Danube signed with S.C.INTERCONSTRUCT S.R.L. the contract No.184/29.11.2011 for the design and execution of the works and with Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest signed the contract No.22/23.11.2012 the provision of supervisory services of works within the project "Creation of a support system for hydrographic works on the Danube in order to assure minimum navigation depths".