++ These ENC charts contain data property of the River Administration of the Lower Danube Galati. The data are subject to data protection under a license agreement and are not to be used for commercial purposes.

The ENC`s are in according to Inland ECDIS version 2.1.


Inland ENC Update Date
Sulina Channel Sulina Channel 24.03.2015
Danube Black Sea Channel Danube Black Sea Channel 07.10.2014
Mm47 - Km175 Mm47 - Km175 17.03.2015
Km175 - Km297 Km175 - Km297 18.03.2015
Km297 - Km375 Km297 - Km375 19.12.2014
Km610 - Km845 Km610 - Km845 13.05.2015
Km845 - Km1075 Km845 - Km1075 20.05.2015

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The concept of - Electronic Navigation Chart - was called for as a necessity to place at navigators' disposal information as actual and accurate as possible, related to the navigable fairway (assured tonnage dimensions, the configuration of ideal trajectory a ship needs to describe in order to safely run through a certain sector, information related to Danube morphological elements).

The electronic navigation chart is the graphical representation of the automatic data processing for the fairway critic points, data collected in the field at a certain moment.

Establishing and maintaining the navigable fairway requires the detailed knowledge of river bed morphology and banks shape in the navigable areas of the river. On certain Danube sectors, morphological changes take place at short periods of time requiring the update of information included in the navigation charts.

In order to place at navigators' disposal the actual information package that should concur to the field reality for all Danube sectors regardless of their complexity, an automatic system for field data collection and graphical transposition of their processing results was designed and developed. Field data collection is carried out using sensors (GPS - DGPS positioning sensors,image capture radar, echo-sounding instrument) each one being necessary to determine some characteristics of the points within the limits of the navigable fairway.

The system can perform collection, processing and automatic transposition of the information necessary to develop electronic navigation charts for a certain Danube sector. The information obtained from the sensors (ship's position in geographic coordinates, radar image and depth in the point where the ship is situated) after a basic processing are grouped depending on time, moment of collection, which processed together with specialized programs generates the "Electronic Navigation Chart" - ENC.

The "Electronic Navigation Chart" - ENC generated with the above system is superposed on the radar image, the system offering the possibility to display the chart elements along with the radar image: bank lines, the trajectory described by the ship during run and depths recorded in the respective points.

The system also offers information on: ship's speed, the distance covered by the ship measured on the trajectory described given a reference point, relative distance and velocity given other ships on run. After the generation of the chart elements, the system can define any object recognized on the radar image, either moving or lying (banks alignment, islets position, floating and coast signaling, port areas, other ships in the sector etc.)

A course was performed with " Semnal 1" survey ship having on board the above-mentioned system, on the sector Bazias-Sulina, in order to record the data necessary to rectify the electronic navigation chart of the Romanian Danube sector already existing from the first course performed in 1998.

The electronic chart in ECDIS standard, represents more than a display image, it is a major component of a navigation system in real time, defining all objects in a certain sector (banks alignment, islets position, floating and coast signaling, port areas, other ships in the sector etc.) and integrates the information which is displayed and interpreted then by the navigator.